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Environmentally friendly

Platowood uses a renewable resource; fast-growing wood from sustainably managed forests which are certified. The wood provided by Platowood is not harmful to people, animals, nature or machinery.

50-year lifespan

Platonising reinforces the characteristics of the wood and breaks down sugars – a feeding ground for moulds. This means that Platowood has a long lifespan. This also applies to untreated parts.

Dimensionally stable

After platonising, the moisture content in the wood decreased to about 4 to 6%. Because of the low moisture content, the wood barely reacts to moisture fluctuations. In practice, this results in dimensionally stable wood suited for all climates.


The dimensional stability means the wood barely shrinks or swells. Consequently, there will be fewer cracks in any applied finish and there will be more time before the wood needs maintenance.

Excellently processable

By baking the wood at a relatively low temperature (no more than 180 degrees Celsius), the Platowood maintains both its strength and its elasticity when compared to thermally modified wood types. This makes the wood excellently processable.
The patented process consists of three important steps: hydro-thermolysis, drying and curing. This unique technology requires only water and heat. No chemical substances are added.

Excellent insulation value

Research by SHR has shown that Platowood Fraké has a Lambda value of 0.115. This is a good and important property for Platowood frame, window and door timber. The good insulation value results in cost savings on energy.

Why Platowood