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Façade cladding

Platowood is especially suitable for durable wood façade applications. This is possible for non-residential construction, private residential construction or holiday homes. By choosing one of our wood types, you are choosing an aesthetic, high-quality and sustainable wood product with a long lifetime. Platonising makes the wood dimensionally stable, ensures good thermal insulation and makes the wood low-maintenance.

Platowood provides high-quality façade cladding, including fire-retardant finish, colour finish and/or assembly, depending on your wishes. Through our involvement and professional knowledge, we can ensure a low total cost of ownership.

Multiple profiles are suitable for façade cladding. The greatest difference consists of open or closed (e.g. channel siding) façade cladding. Both are available in different dimensions. Click here to find out which profiles are suitable for façade cladding.

Dimensionally stable and high insulation value

Platonising reinforces the characteristics of the wood, without adding any chemicals. This makes Platowood dimensionally stable, excellently processable and gives it a high insulation value. The insulating characteristics of Platowood are about 15 times higher than concrete, 400 times higher than steel and 1770 times higher than aluminium. The wood is suitable for outdoor application without the need for an additional finish. Over time, the wood will grey nicely and evenly. Read more about the benefits of the unique wood here.


  • Long lifespan
  • Consistent quality
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Low maintenance
  • Natural look
  • Sustainable