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Platowood Poplar

Platowood Poplar comes from FSC-certified forests in Europe. Due to the unique hydro-thermal modification process - platonization - this type of wood is suitable for use as facade cladding, even untreated.

Features Platowood Poplar

Platowood Poplar is characterized by its uniform grain, light line drawing and refined hues. Beside, the wood feels soft and has a golden hue due to the process. Platowood Poplar offers, just like the other types of wood, many advantages. In addition to the fact that the wood is dimensionally stable, environmentally friendly and low in maintenance, it has an expected lifespan of 50 years.

Color options

Platowood Poplar does not have to be finished due to platonization, not even for outdoor applications. The wood will be gray due to weather influences in a silver-gray hue.

Platowood Poplar unfinished

If the wood is not directly exposed to sunlight, for example under a roof or overhang, color differences will arise. This is because the wood in these places is aging less quickly or not at all.

To obviate the visual transition from the brown wood to a gray facade, it is possible to pre-grey the wood with Weathered Color. It is also possible to finish Platowood Poplar with a covering finish in a RAL color of your choice.

Fire class

The wood of Platowood suffice European fire class D-s2, d0 as standard. When the wood is treated with the fire-retardant FireProtect, European fire class B-s2, d0 can be achieved.

THE BENEFITS OF Platowood Poplar

    • FSC® certified
    • From European forests
    • Warm and calm appearance
    • 50-year lifespan
    • Dimensionally stable
    • Low-maintenance
    • 15 year warranty
    • Many thicknesses, widths and lengths available

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