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Platowood Fraké

Fraké is a fast-growing deciduous wood sourced from responsibly managed forests with OLB certification in West Africa. Platowood Fraké is durable and has a sleek, stylish and exotic appearance. The surface has a subtle flame-like accent, highlighted by the platonisation process (hydrothermal modification). The pinstripes and pinholes that might be present in the wood give it a characteristic look. 

As a rugged wood type, Fraké is suited for several different kinds of application. Amongst others, for façade cladding and window frames and doors.


Platowood timber does not need to be finished when it is applied outdoor, because of the unique finishing process. Untreated, the wood is excellently processable and it evenly greys into a silvery hue under influence of the weather.


In some cases, a specific color is required. Especially for this, Platowood has set up its own color line.

Fire class

The wood types of Platowood standardly meets European fire class D-s2, d0. It is possible to treat the wood with FireProtect up to European fire class B-s2, d0.

THE BENEFITS OF Platowood Fraké

    • Characterful aesthetic

    • Dimensionally stable

    • Maintenance free

    • Uniform color and quality

    • Various thicknesses, widths and lengths available