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Platonium 01

Platonium 01, or channelsiding profile, is a profile suitable for closed facade cladding. Platonium 01 Fraké and Poplar can be used on both sides and Platonium 01 Spruce (bark side is visible side) can be used on one side. The back of Platowood Spruce Platonium 01 can be recognized by the spike roll marking or groove.

Type Channelsiding
Optional Fine sawn face
Application Horizontal + vertical
Lengths Fraké 185-545 cm1   -   Poplar 150-400 cm1   -   Spruce 300-540cm1
Sizes Thickness x Width: Face cover:*
  18 x 90 mm 75+4
  18 x 115 mm 101+4
  18 x 140 mm 125+4
  18 x 185 mm (Fraké and Spruce) 170+4

* Face cover: covering product size plus the intermediate space to be used offers the total effective size.

Other sizes on request.