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Burned Wood

Platowood has developed an environmentally friendly color based on an oil. The Burned Wood Oil gives the wood a dark and sturdy look. This is completely non-toxic (0% VOC and solvents) and therefore extremely environmentally friendly. Because the color is oil-based and degraded by weather, the wood will still discolor. If you want to keep this color, a maintenance interval of 9 to 12 months is required, depending on the exposure to UV radiation. If a second layer is applied after a number of (5-6) months, the discolouration will be delayed longer. 

Platowood Fraké Burned Wood Platowood Vuren Burned Wood

Platowood Fraké Burned Wood detail                                                 Platowood Spruce Burned Wood detail


  • Milieuvriendelijk
  • Olie zonder VOC en solventen
  • Geschikt voor Platowood Fraké en Vuren