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Weathered Color

Large roof overhangs and various weather conditions prevent uniform, even graying of the wood. To have graying take place uniformly, Platowood’s products can be treated with a pre-grayer called Weathered Color. This finishing is available both oil-based and stain-based and will gradually degrade while the wood weathers naturally. The facade boards are grayed out at the factory. 

Weathered Color Stain

This natural-looking finish, suitable for Platowood Fraké, is a semi-transparent stain that ensures the pre-graying of the clad wood. This layer slowly degrades as the underlying wood grayes naturally. 

Platowood Fraké Weathered Color Stain

Weathered Color Oil

Weathered Color Oil is a pre-grayer based on lineseed oil. This layer will degrade slowly, while the underlaying wood naturally grayes. Weathered Color Oil does not have to be updated periodically. In addition to cleaning, this coating is therefore completely maintenance-free. This coating is not suitable for finely sawn surfaces. 

Platowood Fraké Weathered Color Oil 

Platowood Spruce Weathered Color Oil 

Platowood Poplar Weathered Color Oil