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Natural Color

Would you like the wood from Platowood to retain its warm color as much as possible and not to age? The Natural Color finish ensures color retention of the wooden parts. There is a variant based on oil and there is a stain.

Natural Color Stain

Would you like the wood to retain its color? Platowood Natural Color is a semi-transparent stain, suitable for Platowood Fraké, which ensures the color retention of the laminated wood. Natural Color gives the wood a warm brown color that, for the sake of UV protection, is slightly darker than the natural wood color. The maintenance interval of the finish is 3 to 4 years. When following the maintenance instructions, Platowood offers a 10-year warranty on this finish. The stain must always be applied to a brushed surface at the factory.

Platowood Fraké Natural Color StainPlatowood Fraké Natural Color Stain Detail

Platowood Fraké Natural Color Stain                                                   Platowood Fraké Natural Color Stain detail

Natural Color Oil

Platowood has developed an environmentally friendly color based on an oil. The Natural Color Oil gives the wood a natural look. This is completely non-toxic (0% VOC and solvents) and therefore extremely environmentally friendly. Because the color is oil-based and is degraded by weather, the wood will still discolor. If you want to keep this color, a maintenance interval of 9 to 12 months is required, depending on the exposure to UV radiation. If a second layer is applied after a number of (5-6) months, the discolouration will be delayed longer.

Platowood Fraké Natural Color Oil Platowood Vuren Natural Color Oil

Platowood Fraké Natural Color Oil detail                                           Platowood Spruce Natural Color Oil detail


  • Conservation of the warm, brown color
  • In two variants available:
    • Environmentally friendly oil
    • Semi-transparent stain
  • 10 year guarantee on Natural Color Stain