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Frames and doors

Platowood is also great for window frames: excellently processable and suitable Fraké wood for window frames, windows and doors. Window frame, window and door Platowood is supplied pre-sanded and without profile as a semi-manufactured product, and is KOMO certified. For a uniform appearance, the window frame wood combines excellently with Platowood façade cladding.

Because of platonising (hydrothermal modification), the Platowood is much  more dimensionally stable and low-maintenance than other wood types. By fingerjointing and laminating the wood, Platowood ensures optimised wood for window frames, windows and doors, in easily processable lengths.

The face side is also available as full wood (without finger joints).



Low maintenance and burglar-resistant

Where wooden window frames, windows and doors would normally need to be sanded and painted once every 5 or 6 years because of temperature fluctuations, the Platowood Fraké windows, window frames and doors can do with a maintenance interval of up to 15 years. Moreover, research by SHR has shown that the burglar resistance for Platowood Fraké window frames, windows and doors is  much better than other cured wood types, and that it is comparable to Meranti. 

Thanks to platonising, the wood is also suitable for outdoor application without the need for an additional finish. Over time, the wood will grey nicely and evenly.


  • Long lifespan
  • Easily workable lengths of 5,90 meter
  • Burglar-resistant
  • Suitable for all types of locks and hinges
  • Improved isolationvalue
  • Low maintenance
  • KOMO certified