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Platonium 04

Platonium 04, or feather edge profile, is a profile suitable for closed facade cladding. Platonium 04 is available in Platowood Fraké and Spruce and is fine sawn.

Type Feather edge
Finish Fine sawn face
Application Horizontal
Lengths Fraké 185-545 cm1   -   Spruce 300-540 cm1   
Sizes Thickness x Width: Face cover:*
  9/20 x 140 mm 125+4
  9/20 x 185 mm 170+5
  13/26 x 185 mm 170+5

* Face cover: covering product size plus the intermediate space to be used offers the total effective size.

Other sizes on request.


Platonium 04 is suitable for the following applications:

Cladding Yes
Frames, windows and doors No
Blind No
Noise barriers Yes
Interior Yes
Garden Yes, for garages, salvages and sheds
Civil engineering No