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Private residence MG, Schiedam

Stats Architects have realized this expressive and modern villa in the historic city center of Schiedam, a residential suburb of Rotterdam (NL).

The house, consisting of glass, metal and wood, is cladded all around with Platowood Fraké. It was the client's wish to use the purest possible materials. The wood is therefore applied untreated, so that it grays in a natural way and the pure appearance of the material is preserved. The aging process is clearly visible in the photos: the villa was completed at the beginning of 2018, the photos were taken in October 2020.

Ralph van de Donk, Stats Architects:

It was the first time that we used wood from Platowood. The client wanted to use untreated wood, so we started looking for preserved wood types. In the end we chose Platowood Fraké, as this is a beautiful and sustainable alternative to hardwood. In terms of profile, we opted for the Platonium 02. This allowed us to create a closed facade while still having a fine profile. Platowood has a long lifespan, is very stable and ages beautifully. It is the best that can be found in preserved wood.

Expressive functionalism

A dynamic, spacious home with lots of glass and a touch of maritime experience was what the owner wanted. The exterior of glass, wood and steel is a bit maritime, but also a reference to the industrial sheds made of wood and steel that could previously be found here. House MG has a simple layout with 3 rectangular floors, but this becomes a spatial adventure due to the angle of the living floor and the stairwell. The green surroundings and the water experience of the port become part of the interior via the large glass surfaces.

The house is part of the Plantagewerf project: the transformation of a former business area into a residential oasis with 6 detached or semi-detached villas, all designed by Stats Architects. The location is within the Plantage, an 18th century urban extension of the old town of Schiedam.

Façade cladding

Wood type
Platowood Fraké

Platonium 02

18 x 140mm


Stats Architects

Construction Co. Lagendijk, Nieuw Lekkerland


Schiedam, The Netherlands

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