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Detached House, Culemburg (NL)

This spacious and light house in Culemborg (NL) has an open facade cladding of Platowood Fraké, consisting of sharp-edged slats in 2 different cross sections that are used alternately. Fraké slats are also used as sun protection. Together with the large glass sections, this creates an open and dynamic facade image. Besides the house, the storage room and the detached conservatory in the garden are covered with Fraké as well.

Architect Tijmen Versluis, Architect Eigen Huis:

For this house I chose Platowood Fraké because of the uniform appearance of the wood and the even graying. We prefer to choose untreated wood because it requires no maintenance and because of its natural appearance. What I also find important is that Platowood Fraké has durability class 1 and that it is possible to mount the wood low to the ground.

Large windows with structural glass create a very spacious effect on the ground floor. The 1st floor is more closed, but at the corner towards the street the slats of the facade have been turned 90 degrees. Behind this is a translucent facade. This allows beautifully filtered light to enter the painting studio. The angular displacements in the floor plan provide a dynamic experience of the spaces.

The house has a steel structure with sandwich panels and therefore has an industrial look on the inside. Although the construction is comparable to a factory hall, the appearance with the wooden cladding is very contemporary.

Completion of the house: May 2019. Photos were taken in March 2020.

Façade cladding

Wood type
Platowood Fraké

Custom made profile
P05 scharp-edged

Platonium 05

18x52mm en 18x90mm


architect eigen huis

Rasing Bouw

Martijn Heil

Culemborg, The Netherlands

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