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Villa K2, Eelderwolde (NL)

It's time to showcase another beautiful project featuring Platowood cladding boards: This time it's Villa K2, designed by architect Francois Verhoeven and nominated as building of the year 2023 by Arch Design 

Villa K2 in the small Dutch village of Eelderwolde, seamlessly blends into its surroundings. The roof and facade are clad with Platowood, raw sawn, Fraké cladding boards. The green areas with sedum vegetation on the roof, executed by Ekogras, create a unique combination that enhances the natural appearance, providing an exciting visual element.

Architect Francois Verhoeven commented:
I love using raw sawn Platowood Fraké for its natural look. The wood weathers beautifully and quickly, which is something I haven't seen with any other type of wood. Additionally, the wood maintains its beauty in areas with less light. I appreciate the variation in widths and the slight thickness variations in the boards, which contribute to an interesting, dynamic facade.
When combined with sleek aluminium window frames, it gives a chic and high-quality appearance.

The municipal design guidelines required a sloped roof and the use of natural colors in black or brown. Francois Verhoeven designed a roof consisting of four sloped planes. Solar panels are concealed from view by placing them on the least visible plane. Instead of the traditionally visible solar panels, green areas were created on the roof. The raw sawn wood complements the high-tech slim window frames and the concrete terrace, resulting in an elegant and modern overall look.

Learn more about Villa K2 in the renowned Dezeen Magazine.

The architect frequently incorporates raw sawn Platowood Fraké boards in projects, such as this magnificent villa K340 in The Hague.

Façade cladding

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Platowood Fraké


Francois Verhoeven Architecten

Bouwderij Groningen

Francois Verhoeven

Eelderwolde, The Netherlands

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