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Villa K340, The Hague (NL)

This unique villa is located in the park-like new residential area of ​​Vroondaal in the city of The Hague. Here, on the edge of the Madestein nature reserve and recreation area, lime plaster is combined with rough sawn Platowood Fraké. Various widths are being used to create a dynamic facade image. Opposite of these robust materials are sleek, high-tech aluminum frames.

The use of rough sawn Platowood fits well in the architect's vision to preserve the natural appearance of the material as much as possible. For that reason, the wood has also been applied untreated, so that it will gray in a natural way. Both the client and the architect love the natural appearance of wood and the gradual, natural transition to a silver-grey color. The aging is already clearly visible in the photos, taken 2 months after delivery.

Architect Francois Verhoeven:

I know of no other type of wood that has such a beautiful warm starting color and also ages so beautifully and quickly. In addition, the wood of Platowood also remains beautiful in places where there is less light. I really like using rough sawn Platowood Fraké because of the natural look. It is nice that there are different widths and that there are small differences in thickness of the boards. This makes the facade just that little bit more interesting in grazing light: Beautifully detailed and in combination with the sleek aluminum frames, this gives a chic and high-quality effect.

Façade cladding

Wood type
Platowood Fraké

Custom made profile
P05 square edged


Francois Verhoeven Architects

Archibald BV

Francois Verhoeven

Den Haag, The Netherlands

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