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'Stories' building, Amsterdam (NL)

The 'Stories' building in the Amsterdam district of Buiksloterham is a 45-metre-high wooden apartment building in which the main construction of 10 stories above the plinth is made of cross-laminated wood (CLT). The innovative and circular building was designed by Olaf Gipser Architects and built by the Heutink Group. The facade is cladded with Platowood Spruce, finished with Weathered Color Stain and treated with a fire retardant. Eye-catching slender white balconies have been placed against the wooden facade.

Architect Olaf Gipser: “The ambition was to use as much wood as possible for the facade. We wanted sustainable wood with a natural, gray look. We opted for Platowood Spruce, with a pre-greyer to prevent the wood under overhangs from graying in a different way. Fire class B was also required. In addition, the wooden cladding behind the vegetation is not easily accessible, so it was important that the facade cladding was of low-maintenance.”

Sander van Herk of the Heutink Group adds to that: “Platowood has a long lifespan due to the sustainable process of hydro-thermal modification. This is completely in line with the spirit of the building. Moreover, it was possible to pre-grey and impregnate the wood with a fire retardant so that Fire Class B could be achieved.”

Weathered Color Stain and Flame Retardant

Fire tests were carried out in advance, with the wood in the specific situation that applies to Stories. Fire class B (for those in the know: B-S1-D0) has been achieved. Architect Olaf Gipser: “We are pleased that it turned out to be possible to treat such a natural product as Platowood in such a way that it is fire retardant that it complies with Fire Class B.”

Challenging and innovative DIY project

Stories has been developed by a “build-it-yourself” group or a so called Collective Private Commissioning (CPO). Heutink was the risk-bearing and connecting factor in this. Circularity and sustainability were central to the construction of Stories and it is a challenging and innovative building in various areas. Different materials are used: a striking combination of steel, concrete, wood and lots of greenery. The wooden panels are reusable, for example for the shell of a new building. One of the characteristic elements is the garden étagère, which forms the natural separation between the terraces with different tree species. The balconies are equipped with planters with an irrigation system to also facilitate the green private outdoor spaces. In addition, the trees enrich the local urban biodiversity and add a seasonal expression to the building. Stories is a vertical oasis in the industrial setting of Amsterdam-North.


Façade cladding

Wood type
Platowood Spruce

Weathered Color

Platonium 01

Collectief Particulier Opdrachtgeverschap

Olaf Gipser Architects

Flink B.V. i.o.v. Heutink Groep

Luuk Kramer & Max Hart Nibbrig

Amsterdam, Nederland

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