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Floating Office, Rotterdam (NL)

Floating Office in the Rotterdam Rijnhaven is the largest floating office building in the world. It is the new headquarters of the Global Center on Adaptation (GCA), an international think-tank for climate issues and an initiative of several countries and the World Bank. The office of developer RED Company and architectural firm Powerhouse Company are also located here.

With climate change and rising sea levels, Floating Office is the building of the future. The building will float - rather than flood - as the water level rises due to climate change. The office building is self-sufficient, circular and the construction is built entirely in wood (spruce) to minimize the ecological footprint.

The facade is clad with Platowood Spruce, matching the constructive material. To prevent the wood from graying in an uneven manner, the facade cladding is finished with a pre-greyer (Weathered Color Stain). The facade parts on the ground floor are also treated with a fire retardant.

Architect Albert Richters:

Floating Office is an extremely sustainable project. The main function of the building is the office of the JSA. It was therefore important for the entire appearance of the building that sustainable materials were used. In addition, the building has an important representative function. Platowood wood unites both things: it is a very durable and at the same time aesthetic.

Building of the future

Floating Office is unique in the world: very durable, floating and built in wood. A floating construction is seen as one of the possible answers to climate change. The Rijnhaven has a tide, the water rises and falls 2 meters every day. A wonderful location to place a floating office.

The spruce construction is completely removable. No sealant or glue connections have been used. The building can therefore be dismantled again and rebuilt somewhere else. The floating barges on which the wooden office is built act as a large heat exchanger and provide the cooling of the building with the water from the Rijnhaven.

Floating Office Rotterdam was officially opened on 6 September by His Royal Highness King Willem-Alexander.

Façade cladding

Wood type
Platowood Spruce

Weathered Color

Platonium 01

18 x 140 mm

RED Company

Powerhouse Company

Marcel IJzerman, Sebastian van Damme, Platowood

Rotterdam, Nederland

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