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Residential House "De Els" (the Alder)

Both the roof and the facade of this beautiful home in Beekbergen (NL) are covered with Platowood Spruce. This gives the house a robust appearance, which fits perfectly into the landscape.

The wood of the main building is finished with Weathered Color Oil. The garden room at the back has been given a dark color finish and is subordinate to the main building and should therefore demand less attention.

Richerd Pul, Architect:

“The customer had a number of wishes, such as a single-storey house and the use of greyed wood, so that the end result would be immediately visible. I therefore went looking for wood that ages nicely.

I asked for some reference photos from Platowood, after which the choice fell on their hydro-thermally treated Spruce with the Weathered Color Oil finish. Beside the fact that they could supply the spruce being pre-greyed, I also like to work with wood from Platowood because it is sustainable and low-maintenance”.

Wooden house with clear lines

There was an old farmhouse on the plot and there was doubt as to whether or not the house should be preserved. Ultimately, the choice was made to build a new house, but not just a standard home. Trees had to be cut down before construction but have been brought back into the picture, as it were, by completely cladding the house with wood.

Richerd Pul: "Important for the design are the clear, unambiguous lines and layout with apparently few details. Some parties had doubts about the use of wood on the roof. The contractor and Platowood thought along well however, so that ultimately it was built according to the design".

Façade cladding

Wood type
Platowood Spruce

Weathered Color

Platonium 05

18 x 115


RICHERDPUL architecture

Bouwbedrijf Jan Lagemaat

Gerhard Witteveen

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