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decking boards

Experience nature under your feet

Extend a stylish interior outdoors with Platowood Fraké Decking Boards. These 100% sustainable deck boards, which are installed using a hidden fastening system, are soft to the touch and have a warm appearance. Thanks to our patented hydrothermal modification process, using only water and heat, the boards are dimensionally stable. This allows the terrace to maintain its stylish and sleek appearance. A uniform architectural design is achieved in combination with Platowood Fraké Façade Cladding and Window frames 

A maintenance-free and durable porch 

The decking boards and supporting beams are fabricated out of platonised Fraké. This makes the wood a durable and suitable choice for outdoor use, even without a protective coating. Apart from the annual deck cleaning, Platowood Fraké Decking Boards are maintenance-free. 

The complete package for a stylish deck

For easy installation, Platowood Fraké Decking Boards come with Platowood Fraké joists, Cobra Hybrid deck fasteners, Cobra Start/End clips, and Cobra Bitudeck Tape.


- 27 x 140 mm

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  • Stylish, smooth-planed deck boards
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easily processable
  • Hidden fastening
  • Even aging
  • Without chemicals
  • Fully recyclable
  • Energy neutral and locally produced