Platowood and you: ideal-form solutions! We want to share our years of experience and expertise with you. Aside from delivering a high-quality product, we would love to advise you on its applications and values. We aim to enhance the natural qualities of our wood by sharing our experience and expertise during the design and development stages of your project. We can advise you on the most efficient use of wood and its optimal application and assembly, along with other aspects of your work. This allows us to guarantee a long lifespan, keep project costs down and collaborate towards a remarkable end result!

If you are interested in seeing projects that have been realised using Platowood look at our projects.

Customised work

In addition to standard products, we also provide customised work, including raw variants. The purchase of smaller quantities is beneficial as well, as opposed to other suppliers who operate from abroad. Due to the complete control we have over our product, we are highly flexible. It allows us to guarantee a uniform quality and colour and have a large production capacity.

Would you like to use our expertise or do you have another question? Please feel free to contact us.