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Wellantcollege, Naarden

The new construction of the Wellant College has been realized in Naarden. In the design of TEAM 4 ARCHITECTS in collaboration with Jorritsma Bouw, pupils and students are central. The round shapes, natural materials and warm colors, as well as the Platowood Spruce cladding, are characteristic of the school that has spacious and light classrooms.


At the Wellant College, 330 students follow the education of VMBO. The new school is a compact building with a central point where all spaces come together. The staircase is a real eye-catcher and not only connects the ground floor with the upper floor, but can also be used as a grandstand. Platowood Spruce is also attached to the sides of the stairs and part of the interior. This gives a warm and informal atmosphere to the large, open space


The exterior is made of natural materials with a warm appearance. By rounding off the building at the corners, it looks dynamic and friendly all around. The wood and brickwork of the facade literally extend from the outside to the inside. The concrete is visible on the inside of the facade. The purity of the materials gives the school its own character and, moreover, it is low in maintenance. With an EPC = 0, the new school is also very sustainable.

Façade cladding

Type of wood
Platowood Spruce


Platonium 05


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