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Scheperschuur, Hollandsche Rading

Hollandsche Rading is a village that lies on the border of Utrecht with North-Holland. In the middle of the forest, between Hollandsche Rading and Lage Vuursche, a house is built under architecture. This project, Scheperschuur, goes completely into nature. Design is by Monk Architecten.

Scheperschuur consists of an open ground floor with a roof floor that unfolds like origami. The facade as the roof
are fully equipped with Platowood Fraké without finishing. 

Architect Casper Schuuring, Monk Architecten:

"The choice for Platowood is due to the low-maintenance aspect and we are enthusiastic about the way Platowood is produced. Contractor was enthusiastic about the dimensions and processing of the wood. We find the final result beautiful. The architecture is strengthened by the wood and the direction in which the wood is mounted. At any time of the day and in the different weather conditions the house looks different. The house is taken up in nature. 

Façade cladding

Wood type
Platowood Fraké

Platonium 05

MONK Architecten

Hollandsche Rading

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