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Life-permanent residence, Almere (NL)

This life-permanent residence is located in the special Oosterwold district in Almere (NL). If you comply with a number of basic rules, you have the liberty to create your dreamhouse here with great freedom. The spacious plots make the area very suitable for single-storey, life-permanent homes.

The client wanted to build a house with sustainable and healthy materials. The exterior finish on the higher building parts, where the living areas are located, consists of lime plaster. Façade parts of Platowood Fraké with open joints have been applied to the lower areas (storage room, office entrance). These spaces are contained in blocks with rounded corners that slide under the eaves. By applying the vertical Platowood facade parts in a narrow size (90mm), the curves could be followed smoothly.

Architect Erik Knippers:

Platowood Fraké gives a nice tight look without any knots. As a result, the shape of the rounded building parts gets all the attention. The long life span of the wood (approx. 50 years), the natural graying and the environmentally friendly process are important considerations for me when using Platowood. I like to use Fraké because of the warm color and calm look. The client is very satisfied. The image of the elements with rounded corners has come out well.

Façade cladding

Wood type
Platowood Fraké

Platonium 05

18 x 90 mm


Erik Knippers

BMN Heerenveen

Bouwbedrijf Otter

Almere, The Netherlands

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