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Golf Club, Hilversum (NL)

The Hilversumsche Golf Club (est. 1895) is located in the middle of the forest and heath land that is so typical of the Gooi district. In this wooded area the old villa, that is being used as a club house, has been rebuilt with an extension for facility functions.

Bastiaan Jongerius, co-architect of the new Hilversumsche Golf Club, about his choice for Platowood:

"We were looking for a sustainable and beautiful aging wood with a natural look in relation to the wooded area where the Golf Club is located."





Platowood Fraké has been applied to both the facades and the interior. The Natural Color Oil finish (with 0% VOC and solvents) fits in perfectly with its sustainability and the natural appearance that was in mind. In addition, the natural graying of the wood over the years will be a continuation of the design in the long run.

Project partners

The design for the rebuilding of the old villa, designed in 1933 by the architect J. Baanders, and the extension was done by Bastiaan Jongerius in collaboration with Rappange & partners architects, and Oomen Ontwerpt. This collaboration has resulted in a beautiful design, in which the various buildings and spaces each have their own character and also form a coherent whole together.


Preffered dealer: Verdouw Bouwproducten

Photos: Tessa Joli


Façade cladding

Wood type
Platowood Fraké

Natural Color

Platonium 05

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