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De Bocht, Amsterdam (NL)

Three residential buildings (De Bocht, 2Peer and De Loods), designed by LEVS architects, together form the “De Binnenbocht” project, in the Cruquius development area in Amsterdam. All three in conjunction with each other but each with its own typology. Our Platowood Fraké has been used in the outdoor areas of all three projects.

De Bocht brings together a mixed housing program, from the social and private renting sector to private-owned homes. There are also commercial spaces, an indoor parking garage and a spacious shared courtyard on the third floor. The ceilings of the semi-indoor balconies are covered with Platowood Fraké, treated with Woodsafe Exterior WFX fire-retardant, so no further maintenance is required. To create the appearance of a narrow board, a customized Platonium 05 (all sides smooth) with a false rebate was used for this project. From inside their home, the residents see the wooden ceiling, which gives a natural and cozy feeling.

Architect Surya Steijlen:

We have used Platowood wood before. It is a beautiful sustainable material with a warm appearance and therefore fits well with the sustainable ambitions of the area.

De Binnenbocht (the Inside Corner) in the Cruquius development area

The once flourishing port on Amsterdam's Cruquius Island had virtually disappeared in 2006. The port had given way to heavy industry with a concrete plant, steel and waste companies. LEVS moved into their new office in this industrial environment in 2008. In the years that followed, real estate investors, with Amvest as the main party, bought the island that was running empty in order to be able to develop it into a living/working area. Inspired by the rugged cultural history and future developments, LEVS sat down with Amvest for the transformation of the characteristic warehouse of the Remepa waste company. They came up with the idea to develop the complex lots next to the warehouse at the same time. This led to the development of three residential buildings in the Binnenbocht on the Cruquiusweg.

In the smaller, pear-shaped 2Peer building, young residents share a home. The building has the same look and feel as the buildings on the other side of the road: industrial with dark tones. The characteristic, iconic Loods (shed) has been reconstructed and contains eight loft homes with a parking space inside the building. De Loods is connected the town houses of the white maritime terrace building De Bocht through a pedestrian zone. Over the indoor parking garage of the building, the apartment complex rises to fifteen floors with almost as many housing types. The differences of the three buildings show the mixed character of the area.

Façade cladding

Wood type
Platowood Fraké

Custom made profile
P05 met schijnsponning


LEVS architecten


LEVS architecten, Ossip van Duivenbode

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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