On this page you will find all documents about Plato Wood, additional information about our organization, process and obtained certificates, as well as our regulations and instructions. Click the infobuttons to view, download and/or print our documents.

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To achieve the best results, concerning your project with Platowood, several documents can be downloaded, including installation and maintenance instructions, details about natural aging of the wood and our unique finishing process.
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Certificates offer the guarantee that the wood comes from well-maintained forests, where the social, ecological and economic aspects are well considered. By purchasing this certified wood product, an immediate contribution is made to the preservation and durable management of forests. Platowood is in the possession of the FSC–certificate. Platowood is also certified to deliver our wood with the OLB, VLO, VLC and TLTV verification.

Worldwide, the FSC-certificate (Forest Stewardship Council) is renowned for proper control and a high standard for durable forest management.

The overarching certificate, including OLB, VLO, VLC and TLTV verifications, ensures the strict requirements concerning the origin, working conditions, compliance with applicable laws, regulations and the traceability of the wood. A verifiable chain from forest to customer and remotely monitored.

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