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Xaverianen, Brugge

A unique building where facilities for sports, leisure and culture come togheter: Multifunctional Center Xaverianen in Bruges. POLO Architects had designed a sustainable building with a sports hall, multifunctional hall with cafetaria and a library that will be used as a meeting place.

For the sustainable building, maximum quality and comfort have been chosen at the lowest possible energy and environmental costs. This is one of the reason why Platowood was chosen. Both the vertical columns of 10 meters long and a special profile wall cladding will be made from Platowood Fraké. 

Extrovert building

POLO Architects sees the merging and interweaving of sport and culture as a fascinating fact that forms the basis for an innovative design. Sports and cultural centers are normally located in introverted buildings in which the activities are not visible to the environment. With Xaverianen, POLO Architects wants to create a transparent and functional sports and cultural center that is open and inviting. 

Façade cladding

Type of wood
Platowood Fraké

Other profiles

Special profile
GG model and columns

Head size
40x185 and 185x400 mm

POLO Architects

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