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Weathered Color

If the wood is not directly exposed to sunlight, for example under an overhang, the wood surface will not or will not turn gray more slowly there. This can cause color differences with parts that are directly exposed to the sunlight. To ensure that the aging process runs smoothly, Platowood has developed the Weathered Color. The facade parts are grayed out ex works. 

Weathered Color Oil

Weathered Color Oil is a pre-grayer based on linseed oil. This layer will degrade slowly, while the underlaying wood naturally ages. In this way, the visual transition route from the brown wood to an grayed facade is overcome with a true-to-life predator. Weathered Color Oil does not have to be updated periodically. In addition to cleaning, this coating is therefore completely maintenance-free. This coating is not suitable for finely sawn surfaces. 


Platowood Fraké Weathered Color Oil                                                 Platowood Spruce Weathered Color Oil