To finish wood, to put it simply it must be hugely heated. We call this thermal modification. There are two ways to do this:

  • Boiling under high temperatures
  • Platonising under low temperatures (boiling and baking).

Platowood’s unique finishing process: platonising under low temperatures, is the best method of these two, because this method allows the wood to maintain its cell structure and thus all its favourable qualities. Better yet, it even gains a few better ones! Because of this, Platowood cannot be compared to other thermally modified wood. It’s justifiably unique!

Platowood is the only company in the world that modifies wood in this durable way, whereby all the characteristics that are already present in the wood are enhanced without chemical additives. Due to this, our wood forms the most environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwood!

The patented method is based on scientific research from the Netherlands. The production proceeds completely in-house at our factory on Industriepark Kleefse Waard in Arnhem, the Netherlands. You can find more information about our process in our knowledge bank.

PLATONOZING: See the unique, 100% clean and sustainable process in four steps here:

During our unique refinement process, the wood is preserved by reducing the moisture level of the wood and by turning the nutrients that are already present in the wood into other chemical connections. Due to this, the wood becomes unattractive for micro-organisms and more dimensionally stable, whilst maintaining all its mechanical qualities!


The following three main wood components are of importance during our unique process: cellulose (50%), hemicellulose (25%) en lignin (25%).


The thermolysis is a wet heating of the wood under increased pressure (steam approximately 165°C).


During this stage we use relatively mild process conditions (< 190⁰C) due to which demonstrable and consistent improvements are achieved. Degradation of celluloses and thus a decrease in wood strength takes place at temperatures > 190⁰C.

Platowood wood: The sustainability and dimensional stability of the wood have been approved