Wood with excellent qualities! Our unique proces (HYDRO-thermal modification) improves both the lifespan and the dimensional stability of the wood. Leaving the wood with a beautiful, warm brown colour, which will mature evenly.

Platowood is the only company in the world that modifies wood using this highly sustainable process, which enhances the qualities that are already present inside the wood, without the use of chemical additives. The most environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwood! 

Advantages Platowood

  • 100% Evironmentally friendly
  • Hydro- thermal modification of wood : the only company in the world that uses both a cooking-and bakingprocess, without the use of chemical additives
  • The complete process takes place within our facility, so that we can ensure a consistently high quality. Management of the entire production chain

  • Large production capacity and large quantities on stock

  • 10 year guarantee