Houtdrogerij Arnhem

The specialist in drying and storing your wood

For years, Platowood has been working together with Houtdrogerij Arnhem, the specialist in kiln drying. The 8 modern drying kilns are suitable for drying various types of wood and are located directly next to the wharf of Platowood on Industrial park (Kleefse Waard) in Arnhem.


In addition to the drying process, among other things Houtdrogerij Arnhem also offers spacious storage options for the wood before and/or after drying.

Together with Houtdrogerij Arnhem we try to service our customers as efficiently as possible, by cleverly combining assignments and by sharing our knowledge and expertise with each other, we create a smooth co-operative relationship.

If you like to find out more about Houtdrogerij Arnhem, please contact; +31 (0) 88 60 500 50 or mail to info@houtdrogerijarnhem.nl