Platowood timber does not need to be finished when it is applied outdoor, because of the unique finishing process. With sunlight the wood will age fast and evenly.

Platowood Weathered Color

If the wood is not exposed to direct sunlight, as it is, for example underneath a balustrade, the surface will age much slower or not at all. This might cause differences in color with the parts that are exposed to direct sunlight and thus age. In order to have the ageing process take place more gradually, the wood can be supplied with a pre-aged finish, named Platowood Weathered Color. The panels will have an aged appearance from the start; this finish will slowly degrade as the timber underneath it naturally ages. In this way, the visual transition stage of the brown timber to a weathered façade is overcome.

Platowood Color/Platowood Color ECO

In some cases, a specific color is required. Especially for this, Platowood has set up its own two color lines: Platowood Color en Platowood Color ECO. These ranges of particularly beautiful colors are tailored to our hydro-thermally modified wood. The type of wood and whether the surface has been planed or finely sawed is taken into account.

Please notice! The standard colours can be combined with attest by means of a fire-retardant. The ECO variants are completely free of toxins (0% VOC and solvents), but cannot be provided with attest in combination with fire-retardants.