Wood with history

The history of Platowood dates back to 1972, when during the oil crisis, Shell Research started an investigation into deriving oil from wood. This research was given the code name PLATO, an abbreviation of Providing Lasting Advanced Timber Option. Shell researcher Herman Ruyter predicted that through this process, wood can be made resistant to decay. In 1989 he first describes the current finishing process in a scientific publication.

More than 25 years experience

When Shell closed the PLATO-project, two other Shell managers de Ruyter acquired the patents for the process. After an experimental factory was opened in Wageningen in 1994, Platowood started a production factory on Industriepark Kleefse Waard (IPKW) in Arnhem in the year 2000.

Platowood provides sustainable, dimensionally stable and highly processable wood. The wood has a rich, natural appearance, which greys beautifully and evenly. We aim to make the wood’s natural qualities stand out perfectly by sharing our experience and advise during the design and development stage of your project; for example by advising you about the most efficient use of wood and its optimal application and assembly for your project.


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