Platowood Color ECO

In collaboration with Rubio monocoat Platowood has developed, next to our Weathered Color ECO,  a complete new color line with eco-friendly finishes. These finishes are completely non-toxic (0% VOC and solvents) based on linseed oil. In addition to the environmentally friendly aspect, this non film-forming coating gives a particularly beautiful matte and natural finish.

All colors are uniquely developed for Platowood. 

New colors from our color range:

  • PW Weathered Color ECO
  • PW Spruce Pure ECO
  • PW Western Red Cedar ECO
  • PW Poplar Pure ECO
  • PW Fraké Pure ECO
  • PW Dark Oil ECO
  • PW Cherry ECO
  • PW Mahogany ECO
  • PW Siberian Larch ECO
  • PW Burned Wood ECO
  • PW Shou Sugi Ban ECO
  • PW Purpleheart ECO
  • PW Paduk ECO
  • PW Wengé ECO
  • PW White Wash ECO
  • PW Driftwood ECO
  • PW Olive ECO

All coatings are factory applied!